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Platts acquired Bentek Energy in 2011. Bentek was a recognized leader in natural gas, oil and NGL market fundamental analysis with expertise in power, demand and other energy segments. Bentek provided a full range of products including daily market reports,online applications, comprehensive studies, consulting engagements and retainer services.

By combining the skills and experience of Bentek with Platts, we can now provide a deeper level of market data, news, and analysis, on a regional and global basis, to meet the needs of analysts and traders.

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Friday, February 12, 2016 - 1:16 PM
US dry production increased by roughly 200 MMcf/d week-over-week to average 73.1 Bcf/d. Month to date, US production is averaging 73 Bcf/d, approximately 1.2 Bcf/d over the January 2016 daily average. The largest gains were seen in the Northeast region, where sample production receipts comprised nearly 1 Bcf/d of the total month-over-month gain. Within the Northeast, 234 MMcf/d came from Ohio, 466 MMcf/d came from Pennsylvania, and about 218 MMcf/d came from West Va. Sample production in the Anadarko formation in Oklahoma and Texas also added about 160 MMcf/d to the month-over-month production increase. Total US demand increased by an average of about 12 Bcf/d week over week on much colder temperatures in the Midcon Market and Producing regions, as well as the Northeast. The demand surge led to a 1.2 Bcf/d increase in Canadian imports and a 241 MMcf/d increase in LNG sendout. Of the total week-over-week demand increase, ResComm demand comprised 8.3 Bcf/d of the gain while power demand made up 2.8 Bcf/d of the increase. Quite surprisingly, cash prices outside of premium demand hubs were relatively unmoved; Henry Hub cash average $2.13/MMBtu for the week, a one-cent increase from the prior week, while Dominion South cash averaged two cents/MMbtu higher week-on-week at $1.40/MMBtu. At demand hubs AGT-Citygates and Transco Zone 6-NY, on the other hand, outright cash prices increased by an average $2.52/MMBtu and $1.42/MMBtu, respectively.
Friday, February 12, 2016 - 7:01 AM
The 111-day leak at SoCal’s Aliso Canyon storage facility has come to a temporary halt, according to a press release from the utility on Thursday afternoon.  The California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources is now tasked with confirming the well has been permanently sealed in the coming days.  SoCal had 79 Bcf of working gas at Aliso when the leak was detected on Oct 23, and filings on Feb 1 said storage levels were down to 15 Bcf, not accounting for the unknown quantity of leaked gas.  SoCal will be unable to inject into the facility until DOCGGR confirms all wells at the site are in functional order, but this suggests the timeline to start that testing could be pushed up slightly as the leak is at least temporarily stopped weeks ahead of the initial schedule.  Note: Bentek will not be publishing reports on Monday, Feb 15 in observance of the President’s Day holiday. Publishing will resume on Tuesday, Feb 16. If you have questions please contact
Friday, February 12, 2016 - 6:56 AM
Cash basis across the Rockies has dropped significantly over the past week due to weak local ResComm demand and relatively flat production. Total Rockies demand has dropped by almost 1.0 Bcf/d since the beginning of the month while production has only declined by 120 MMcf/d. This oversupply of Rockies gas has allowed cash basis to slip from ($0.13)/MMBtu last Friday to ($0.26)/MMBtu today at CIG Rox hub. Temperatures are expected to average 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the upcoming week, which is approximately 12 degrees F above the normal average temperature. With continued weak local demand, prices are likely to stay suppressed. March futures basis at CIG Rox is ($0.25)/MMBtu. Note: Bentek will not publish reports on Monday, Feb 15 in observance of President’s Day. If you have questions please call Bentek at 1-888-251-1264.

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